KeraCel is the leader of Next-Gen, Multi-Material 3D Printing Platform and the only player in the world to combine multiple complex bodies of IP under one roof – advanced materials, additive manufacturing, and active device structure development. We enable high volume manufacturing of active electro-chemical and electro-mechanical devices. Today, we are printing active devices, not just forming ideas.

Our additive manufacturing platform will change how active devices like micro reactors

and batteries are manufactured efficiently in high volumes.

KeraCel announces strategic partnership with Japanese automotive supplier Musashi Seimitsu Industry



Why KeraCel? 

Multi-Method & Multi-Material
3D Printing
Industrial Build Rates
Cross-contamination Control
Capability to Supply Several Materials
to Same or Several Layers
Product/Material Agnostic
Compatibility with a Wide Range of Ceramics, Metals, and Polymers
KeraCel transforms additive manufacturing from low-volume prototyping of simple passive objects to high volume manufacturing of active, complex, and multi-material devices.
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3350 Scott Blvd, Suite 14

Santa Clara CA 95054

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